Rainwater Harvesting

Estimating your water needs is important if you are considering installing a rainwater harvesting system for your home. A quick look at your water usage (and the demand for it) provides a clear answer as to whether or not a rainwater harvesting system is right for you. However, from a practical perspective, I don’t know why you wouldn’t If you live in an area that is prone to periods of drought, a harvesting system can help. In fact, if you are experiencing water shortages in your area, using rainwater could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. In addition to the uses we’ve named, you can harvest rainwater and purify it easily for drinking should the need arise.harvest rainwater. We all think of the obvious when we think of our water usage, but let’s look a little farther. As you read this article you will notice a few, “Oh, yeah” moments of things that didn’t come to mind to consider when determining your water needs. Read more

Eight Gardening Mistakes and Remakes

We often overlook our gardening mistakes with the hope that others will too. This year let’s take them one by one and fix them. The top eight mistakes and remakes are below…. I know, I could have said makeovers, but it didn’t rhyme.


  1. The grass ISN’T greener on your side of the fence

    This ranks number one. Why? Read more



“Could It Really Be Possible…My Electric Bill Was ONLY $173.20 For The WHOLE YEAR!
That Looking At The Things You Do each Day With A Fresh Frugal Perspective
Could Double or Triple Your Yearly Savings?”

YES!! You Can Profit With My Quick And Easy “FUN FRUGAL LIFE LESSONS

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Frugal Quick Tips – How to Save on Toilet Paper


So, you want to know how to save on toilet paper… that wasn’t the thought in naming our family So, you want to know how to save on toilet paper... that wasn't the thought in naming our family blog How We Roll, but let's roll out the statistics: Studies have been done on how much toilet paper the average American uses.blog How We Roll, but let’s roll out the statistics:

Studies have been done on how much toilet paper
the average American uses.

One independent study we’ve found was penned by Josh Madison on his website joshmadison.com. Josh was kind enough to break down how much TP he used over a one-year period. He provides extremely detailed data in his report; down to the start and end date of each roll, and average sheets used and cost per day. His study showed that in one year and four days he used  49 rolls of toilet paper bathroom tissue,or 49,000 sheets, at an about cost of $52.43.  Now, I’m not sure what Josh was eating but that breaks down to 134 sheets a day – that seems like a lot!

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6 Frugal Habits Of The Super Rich

What would your weekly supermarket run look like if you had a billion in the bank? For oil magnate T. Boone Pickens, grocery shopping is less extravagant than you might expect: composing a strict shopping list and taking no more cash with him than the list dictates. The billionaire applies more discipline to his big shop than most of us despite a financial buffer zone that would cover 300,000 jobseeker’s allowances for a year. Of course, what he writes on that list may well be astonishingly expensive, but the point is that Boone – like many others among the rich and famous – does not use his infinite chequebook as a license to splurge. – These people are FRUGAL!

10 Facts About Choosing The Frugal life

A guest post from Frugal Green Girl.

New to being frugal? Here is a quick video letting you know what you are in for. Been here for a while? I’m sure you will be able to relate. Either way, hopefully this light hearted video finds you well. And yes, I realize I should not drink too much caffeine before shooting videos. I’m usually better behaved then this. 😉


You Don’t Need That – My Minimalist Room

If you don’t need it don’t buy it. Minimalism isn’t a sacrifice it’s a joy. It’s a mindset that will make your life less cluttered. It’s a lifestyle that will bring you peace of mind from simplicity.

Just think about it…. Would you want to clean a room that has stuff packed in the closet and all over the floor? Or would you want to put three or four things away?

Material things don’t bring happiness. If you are always trying to fill the hole with stuff, eventually you will run out of room.

Be smart with your all mighty dollar.

If you don’t use it, sell it. Trade it. Give it away.

There is peace and love in simplicity.


I am a simple living creature that finds joy in things that money doesn’t typically buy. I have been called a “frugal minimalist”. How about you? This is my top ten list of things that I do not buy or just simply stopped spending money or time on. Enjoy!

Join me on my journey as I enjoy the benefits of living in financial freedom and come along to learn how I did it:)